Women prefer Frank avatars in social networks

When choosing a picture or pictures to install a profile on a social network, women prefer to install something more revealing. This interesting fact was discovered by scientists from Canada, during the experiment among the 400 people of both sexes. The aim of this study was the desire of scientists to analyze the habits of both men and women to the exposure.

The experiment participants were prompted to choose your gender, appearance, and clothing of the character. His wardrobe could consist of several items of toilet, no restrictions in volunteers was not.

And here is what I found: 71% of the characters created by men, were closed for 75% -100% of the body, while similar Puritanism was seen in 5% of the female characters.

47% of female avatars appeared to the eyes of scientists with a cover on 25-49 % of the body, whereas among male characters, there were only 9%.

The authors claim that this experiment is a great way to study human behavior, which is not restricted neither physical nor ecological framework. In their opinion, are particularly pronounced differences between men and women in the desire to show my naked body.

Prior to this experiment, Chinese scientists have found that the brain of a man who depend on the world wide web, suffers the same changes that occur in the brain of an alcoholic or drug addict.

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