Women most of my life busy worries scientists

Of course, appearance for women is one of the key points. Most worried about his slovenliness, no makeup or hairstyles. However, the scale of these disturbances, the researchers note, is underestimated. The average woman spends up to a month of his life every year on concern about their appearance, informs The Times of India. Often women are concerned about their hair, clothes, skin, and physical form. Every day, the woman is busy worrying about 1-2 hours, which translates into a month of stress each year.

It should be noted that an enormous amount of time assign modern fashionista on the selection of service - 50 hours each week. After that, the lady given the unrest in an hour and a half. Her interests: sitting outfit on it or not.

Care of the woman and the number of kilograms. Someone experiencing stress due to excess weight, someone is unhappy with his shortfall. Hour per week is devoted to worrying about oily hair. Don't forget about the weaker sex of your skin: healthy complexion is extremely important for most women. Someone concerned about the size of the chest, waist or hips.

The present study proved that beauty really stands victims: not only physical, but moral.

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