Women lie more than men – study

Insurance company Privilege conducted a survey of 2,000 people. According to the findings, 30% of people lie at least once a day. Women resort to untruth twice that of men. About it writes The Daily Mail.

Some women lied to 30 times a day, several times per hour. This usually occurred by itself or to support loved ones, caught in a bad situation. Every fourth lie was on welfare, many lie to prove their point of view.

42% of respondents occasionally pretended they like the food, cooked by a loved one. Some lied about their salary or downgraded overweight problems.

In the world of Dating and men and women often pretend to have common interests with someone. False in most cases used at home and at work. When going to the doctor, litigation, almost all spoke the truth. Middle-aged people lied more often than the younger generation.

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