Women kareristki more likely to have children with obesity

Scientists from the University of Illinois conducted a study which proved that the children raised by mothers kareristki, more likely to have sleep disorders and other neurological disorders. It is also noted increased weight among such children, if we compare this with ordinary families, writes Science World Report.

Only the study involved 247 pairs of mothers and children. The age of the children ranged from three to five years. Scientists have compared the performance of body mass index of children in the beginning of the study and after 12 months. At the start of the 17% showed signs of obesity, one year at 12% developed obesity.

66% of mothers worked full-time, 18% were engaged in work at half the rate. Assessing the workload of mothers and weight of children, the researchers concluded: the lack of education leads to the disorder of metabolism and eating disordered.

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