Women have stronger immune systems than men, and it is all because of the X chromosome

Statistics show that women live longer than men and less likely to get sick infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

The study was conducted by the team of Dr. Claude Libert Belgian Ghent University supports the scientific aspect of this fact. The fact that women on the X chromosome is defined microstructure of ribonucleic acid, which are responsible for increasing the natural protective reaction of the organism to the influence of foreign agents and the formation of cancer cells.

The research team suggests that the biological mechanisms of the X chromosome have a strong influence on human genes, known as genetic imprinting, which forms an immunological advantage women have over men. In order to develop his hypothesis further, scientists have created a detailed map of all described micro ribonucleic acids, which play a role in immune response aimed at the destruction of cancer in humans.

Scientists continue its work aimed at the study of RNA structures, which are involved in anti-tumor defense and protection of the organism against infections. A breakdown of all the functions of RNA structures will give the opportunity to find more effective ways of combating disease.

Source: BioEssays

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