Women have less to live - statistics

Scientists, referring to the obtained data, say - the life expectancy for men and women are gradually aligned. Historically, women have always lived longer. The reason - light conditions, farming and family Affairs. This work is not so much exhausts the body, as a business, working in large corporations. Due to the fact that women increasingly choose a career, the likelihood of early death among the beautiful half of humanity has increased.

Over the last decade, men are living longer and women less. Although in 1963 men had a risk of early death two times higher than women. By 2013, the risk decreased by a quarter, and the gap in life expectancy is two years (from six to four years).

Many women in the 21st century career to the detriment of their own health. Constant stress is combined with Smoking and alcohol consumption. All most women continue to work after the age of 50, to provide for his family. Note, traumatic factors (habits, processing, sleep) have a stronger influence on the female body that leads to early development of pathology.

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