Women have discovered a gene that cause obesity

Dutch scientists from Maastricht University have discovered a gene that is responsible for weight gain every third women. This gene is inherited and causes of obesity only among members of the female population of the planet. A third of women is the owner of the affected mutation of DNA, for which they can earn up to 6.5 extra pounds.

Dutch experts have studied the causes of obesity and the loss of extra pounds at 5000 volunteers of both sexes in 10 years. They then analyzed the DNA of genes that are responsible for obesity. In women was found slightly modified gene MMP2, which was responsible for the presence of excess weight. According to study leader Dr. Frick of Bowman, 30 percent of participating in the experiment was found mentioned gene in a broken form.

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Men, in turn, was discovered FTO gene, which is also responsible for the presence of fat mass, but also because it increases craving for fatty and sweet foods. According to scientists, and FTO and MMP2 are gender, as their function is controlled by sex hormones.

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