Women harder to lose weight than men

It's all in the individual characteristics of the brain. So say experts from the Universities of Aberdeen, Cambridge and Michigan. The group of scientists conducted the experiment on mice: they measured the level of physical activity of the animals and correlated the obtained information with the ability of the two sexes to weight loss. The results of the work tells the newspaper The Hindustan Times.

In the study mice-males were able to lose weight, whereas in females, things went less well. There is an area of the brain that is responsible for energy expenditure in the body, the researchers found. This region forms a protein proopiomelanocortin (POMC) related to hormones. POMC controls appetite and level of physical activity in most mammals, including humans.

Interestingly, females POMC almost no effect. To be more precise, POMC females reduced appetite, but not increased activity in animals. Scientists suggest we need to reconsider the approach to the development of drugs for losing weight. Apparently, men and women need different tools.

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