Women get fat after marriage, men after divorce

That included a survey of 10 thousand persons in the period from 1986 to 2008, the study found that most women gain weight after marriage, men after divorce, especially after 30 years. The study is based on data from a national survey, in which men and women each year were weighed and reported data about their marital status.

Senior research scientist Dmitry Tumin from Ohio University believes that the impact of marital status on the weight varies depending on gender. The most effect of the gap or the marriage has on the elderly, they are more inclined to gain weight due to a change in family status. In women, married 30 years, the weight grew steadily up to 50 years.

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One of the researchers, Professor Zhenchao Jane notes that scientists are still not completely clear why the figures of men and women differently vary depending on status. Probably because married woman do not possess enough time to exercise and visit fitness than men and unmarried women. On the other hand in marriage married men get more healthy food and care, when they get divorced, then roll down to a more unhealthy lifestyle.

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