Women feel pain more acutely, if next to them is a partner

Scientists from University College London, king's College London and the University of Hertfordshire found that women feel pain more acutely, if next to them has a lovely person. Therefore, to be present at birth men - not the best idea, writes the BBC.

Only the study involved 39 pairs. First of all volunteers, scientists examined the degree of emotional intimacy and fear within the relationship. Next, the women were subjected to the action of laser pulses, causing pain. The first phase of the experiment took place in the presence of the partner, and the second without it.

Women were asked to rate the level of pain. Most believed that the step of laser irradiation, when the partner was there, seemed stronger and transported harder. Many of this group, according to psychologists, had no strong emotional connection with your partner and trust yourself more.

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Data electroencephalogram showed that in the presence of an unreliable partner in women was activated brain structures associated with physical threat to the body. Note that a similar phenomenon is observed in children, perceiving the pain is sharper in the presence of the parents.

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