Women fall in love is only the sixth view, the study showed

Love at first sight among women does not exist. So say scientists from Britain. They the study has proved: it should take up to six meetings, while the female will realize that you have fallen in love with the man. About this newspaper writes Raut.

Women have wisdom, which, according to scientists, does not allow them to fall in love immediately. Research proves that most women need the full picture of a person, to understand their feelings towards him.

Scientists have analysed how an average woman assesses a potential partner. First, take a look at the features of the face and eyes, her hair. Then on the hands, sometimes on the ring finger is the ring. Then, most likely, about a serious relationship with this man is best forgotten. The next important parameter is the shoes. Most women prefer men neat, say the researchers.

If a man could carelessly fall in love with a woman at first sight, then feedback can occur with substantial delay. That's why researchers recommend that men behave less impulsively, if in the early days of Dating not see obvious signs of attention. Maybe a woman is the overall picture to make the right decision.

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