Women, consisting in a happy relationship, less concerned about their own weight

Research group of the Tallinn University found that women comprised in a happy relationship, less concerned about their own weight, even if it is far from ideal.

In the survey of Estonian scientists was attended by 250 women aged 20 to 45 years. All of them at the time of the study were married or cohabiting. Was that a happy relationship not allow a woman to think about the extra weight. Such women less emphasis on the struggle with weight, believing that their ideal weight.

Of course, this applies not to every Respondent, but scientists say that they are the majority. The data obtained prove the relationship between psychological health, strong family relationships and satisfaction from their own physical fitness, says Sabina Vatter, author of the study.

It should be noted that previously, scientists from Britain found that harmonious relations lead to weight gain lovers. This is due to the calm and measured their lives.

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