Women can not overcome the feeling of hunger of the mind's effort

Can a person mentally to overcome the feeling of hunger? The answer to this question tried to find scientists during a series of experiments. The results quite clearly showed that in contrast to the representatives of the strong half of humanity, women are not able to cope with this problem.

But to beat on this occasion alarm the fair sex is not necessary, because there is nothing particularly wrong pair eaten the treat or not (of course, if you do not forget about the sense of measures).

The study involved volunteers of both sexes, and all were asked to forgo food for the next seventeen hours and try to focus on something else.

In the analysis of the data revealed that distract from the obsessive thoughts of food, only men, who coped with the task without any significant difficulty. At the same time, none of who took part in the experiment of women to overcome the feeling of hunger power of thought failed.

In the experiment, the brain activity of the participants were tracked using special equipment, which showed that the male brain shows much less of the intensity of the signal in the areas responsible for feeling of hunger than women.

By results of the spent researches experts have concluded that nature simply has not given women abilities of this kind.

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