Women are less prone to fraud than men

Scientists from the U.S. conducted an interesting experiment, with which they found that out of 10 cases of fraud and deception, in 9 cases the organizers were men, and only in one case - a woman.

The head of the group of Washington researchers Ferric Feng was dismantled 228 cases of various disorders among biologists. He reviewed a huge number of documents that have accumulated almost 20 years, since 1994. In these documents there were cases of fraud, fraud, fraud, plagiarism in an academic environment.

Initially it was believed that among Junior researchers, there are more people who are prone to all of these machinations. But this was not the case: according to statistics, these risks were 40% of young professionals.

More than adult men, which, in addition, held high posts, participated in the fraud in 65 cases out of 100.

Scientists have found that women are also breaking the rules, but they do it much less often than men, and maybe, just rarely caught.

An earlier study found that men lie 3 times a day, that is, 1092 times a year, and the fair sex little

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less than about 2 times a day, or 728 times a year.

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