Women are 2 times more likely to regret the omission of his youth

Scientists from the U.S. found that women are 2 times more likely to regret the mistakes of his youth, than men. To this opinion came from researchers at northwestern University in Illinois. They found that most worries and regrets of women linked with relations with his former men. Statistics show that 44 percent of women regrets the mistakes made in the years of his youth, while about the same period regrets only 19 percent of men. Although, everyone has regrets about the decisions related to relationships with the opposite sex.

The main cause of bitter memories is that once he or she couldn't hold up next to a loved one. In addition, people worried because of the missed opportunity to start a love relationship with that person, to which were concerned in his younger years, but in adulthood they had failed to do.

There is another reason to worry. It's a pity about the wrong attitude to the person who deserved more care and love. The scientists who conducted the experiment, indicate that the survey many respondents began to cry, remembering old times and missed opportunities.

In addition regrets on the theme of love, people also sorry about education, which, in their opinion, was wrong, and untimely divorce with her husband and choice of career and money instead of passion and love.

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