Women and men are unequal determine Parking space

Experts Applied Cognitive Psychology has established that the genders are unequal use their spatial memory during the searches, parked in the Parking lot of the car, reports The Wall Street Journal.

In experiment took part 115 persons, 56 of them women and 59 men. Participants had a good conversation, the results of which were evaluated by a person's ability to remember things, that is, to use their spatial memory. The experiment participants were asked to find their own car, designed for 431 machine, and to determine the distance from the exit of the supermarket to the car. Also, subjects had to tell how search machine they used.

The result of the experiment proved that women in search of a parked car pay attention to the visual signs and ready to go the additional distance around. In contrast, men analyze the distance to determine the shortest path to the car.

Almost 42% of women and 59% of men said that once fell into a situation where the large car Park could not find our car. In such cases, visual cues rely 15% of men and 38% women. While 7% of men and 21% of women were willing to go around at a distance more than 100 meters

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Women showed a tendency to use an informed search methods car, but men are better looking vehicle with a card. Previously, American researchers have found that the sight of men more suited to memorize cars and other technical objects.

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