A group of researchers from the UK have proved that the weight of a woman depends largely on the stage of a relationship with the opposite sex.

During the search of the partner and in the early stages of relationship building women usually try to lose weight. In long relations, most women gain weight. All the matter in emotional conditions, scientists say.

When a woman only begins to meet with a man, she loses weight in average 2,5 kg. New emotions and the subconscious desire to please a man make her lose weight. Once relationships stabiliziruemost, weight comes to normal, often even increasing compared to what it was before the relationship. According to a study in long-term relationships women are gaining about 4.5 pounds of weight.

Heaviest tend to lose weight for women in the period of preparation for the wedding. At this time she can lose weight in a short period of only 3.5 pounds due to stress. When carrying a child is your weight usually increases 7 pounds.

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