"Woman without a face" surprised doctors

21-year-old woman was struck by Indian doctors severe congenital deformation of the face. Because of the anomaly she never saw his eyes and nose and mouth instead of the patient has a small hole on the left. This writes The Express.

The first signs of strain doctors began noticing at the age of two months, at this age, the girl could not open her eyes. Every year the scale of the problems only grew. Doctors were unable to cope with the anomaly or even to put a definite clinical diagnosis. None of the survey cannot attribute the disease to any group.

Among the suggestions is a severe form of neurofibromatosis. This disease is a benign tumor growing from a nerve tissue. Now the deformation has reached a critical stage where surgeons are not sure about the successful completion of the operation. They suggest that within a tumor may contain another tumor, damage of which would lead to the death of the patient.

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