With yoga, Tibetan monks can raise their body temperature up to 38.3

Scientists from Singapore, who studied ancient Tibetan technique, found that using meditation has the opportunity to warm up. They have come to believe that the brain can control the temperature of the human body, and this feature is important for those people who work in extreme conditions. As discovered by Singapore scientists, some of the techniques of meditation can increase body temperature. One such is the so-called g-Tummo meditation, which is often used by Tibetan monks to raise their temperature.

Scientists came to this conclusion by visiting a unique ceremony in Tibet. They saw that the monks were able to dry myself wet sheets in twenty degrees below zero. Scientists were then able to measure the body temperature of the monks, which was equal to 38.3 degrees. Another study showed that using a special breathing technique, it is also possible to adjust the temperature.

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As for the g-Tummo meditation, it is based on a special breathing technique called vase breathing, and the visualization system. Vase breathing, in turn, is a breath abdominal cavity, followed by another breath, before which the air has not been fully released from the abdominal cavity. This type of yoga is very common in the Himalayas, and it can help to increase body temperature and to reproach the metabolic processes in the body.

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