With saw Palmetto treats the prostate is not better than placebo

Millions of middle-aged men take SUPPLEMENTS With saw Palmetto to reduce prostate enlargement. However, scientists from new York claim that these supplements do no better than sugar pills. Plant extract in supplements does not affect predelnoy gland and not improves the functioning of the urinary system. However, many people spend 30 dollars a month to buy these supplements in the hope of relief.

Almost all men with age are experiencing some growth in the prostate, but most of them this process occurs without symptoms, because the prostate surrounds the urethra. However, in other cases, the enlargement of the prostate causes problems with urination, frequent urges to urinate in the toilet at night.

With saw Palmetto has long been marketed as a remedy for these symptoms, but clinical trials showed that the tool has no effect. Only there were 30 studies that show the effects of saw Palmetto on the body, in which participated 369 Americans within 18 months. Interestingly, the percentage of men who indicated that after a course of medication for their pain decreased, equal to the percentage of men in the placebo group and claimed the same thing.

In this case, as With saw Palmetto has no side effects, doctors offer this tool take those to whom it "helps" to continue.

Source: Health.com

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