With miscarriages will help to cope aspirin

To repeat miscarriages did not develop antiphospholipid syndrome, it is necessary to conduct a blood test and prescribe aspirin. The appearance of this syndrome is associated with formation of antibodies produced in response to some native phospholipids.

Eventually processes such as implantation, growth, development of the embryo and fetus cause an immune response. The syndrome is characterized by up to 5% of pregnant women. The main problem for the mother are thrombosis. The child may experience a lack of oxygen, which can cause miscarriage late period.

According to Professor Graham Hughes from hospital London bridge hospital, a simple blood test helps to identify the syndrome. And with the help of regular aspirin, blood-thinning, it will be possible normal child bearing. The first miscarriage requires analysis. After the second miscarriage testing shows clearly.

When taking aspirin may increase the rate of successful pregnancy with less than 20% to the level of 75-80%. Often miscarriage coincides with 8 or 9 months pregnant.

Many women have to endure 12-15 miscarriages before they will be diagnosed, which indicates low awareness of doctors about this syndrome. The symptoms of the disorder are manifested in the form of migraines, memory problems, balance. Some doctors consider this as multiple sclerosis.

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