With flatulence cope briefs with protection from unpleasant smells

The Japanese are suffering from chronic indigestion (especially if it burdens flatulence), a local company Seiren offers a novelty in which they can find salvation.

Japanese company Seiren mastered in production and released a new line of underwear Deoest. While available colors cowards of two types: a modest grey color for men and traditional pink for women.

According to the advertising novelties, people who suffer from flatulence, i.e., increased flatulence, it is now possible to provide comfort and confidence in any situation precluding accidental "insult" the smell of others.

Advertising new shorts argues that through them will not pass even the most "powerful" fragrances.

According to the manufacturer, to get this effect has allowed the invention of the engineers of the company are: the fabric used in the manufacture of linen, contains a lot of ceramic particles having high absorbing properties, including for gases.

According to Us of Yoshida, employees of Seiren, to develop a brand new cloth, took several years. First, the product was positioned as underwear for old people or patients in-patient departments of hospitals. Unexpectedly revealed the growing popularity of these shorts in different segments of the population.

Due to great popularity of the products Seiren company began the production of the 22 models of service with an attractive appearance, but having a "specific" properties.

So, the most popular products from Seiren are socks that have the property to eliminate the unpleasant smell of sweaty feet that allows you to wear them during the week, and shirt-t-shirt, ensuring the destruction of even the slightest smell of armpits.

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