With arthritis will help to cope dancing and Pilates

Dance fitness, yoga and Pilates can do wonders. According to The Daily Mail, the millions of people suffering from arthritis, doing these physical exercises, you may feel relief from pain.

American scientists carefully studied the training program, which was developed by the staff of the new York Hospital for special surgery. It was found that it helps to improve life satisfaction, improve balance, reduce pain, severity and frequency of falls.

As told to Sandra goldsmith, head of Education center for patients at the hospital, the patients who participated in the experiment, the detected decrease in the level of pain. According to goldsmith, the pain is a key factor in the quality of life, so it will be great if patients will benefit from the exercises that help in reducing pain intensity.

Scientists on the example of the 200 patients suffering from arthritis, has evaluated the effectiveness, as shown by the training program, which consisted of weekly classes dance fitness, yoga, tai Chi and Pilates. Given the testimony of patients, including how they evaluated the degree of pain, balance, frequency of falls and the level of physical activity, the researchers were monitoring their health status at the beginning and after class. Using a scale of pain intensity was determined by the severity of pain in muscles and joints. Experts also studied how the pain has affected different aspects of life - in General activity, mood, ability to walk, sleep quality, work and ability to enjoy life.

According to the experts, 53% participated in the experiment after training decreased pain, and 54% reported improvement of overall activity, sleep quality, mood. Injuries requiring hospitalization, were minimal. Side effects in patients caused by training, not identified. According to rheumatologist Linda Russell, the program has a very low cost to patients. According to the doctor, preferably involvement in all patients, as classes will benefit them and will allow you to feel much better.

Earlier, officials representing the English national ballet, said about the ability of ballet dancing can be useful for people with Parkinson's in their efforts to cope with the pain.

As a platform for the presentation of research report scientists selected annual conference conducted by the American College of rheumatology.

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