With an open form of tuberculosis worked educators in Berdyansk kindergarten

In kindergarten Berdyansk Prosecutor's office identified the teacher with the open form of tuberculosis. Such a case is the second in a row since the beginning of the month in preschool.

During the Prosecutor's investigation, in connection with the establishment of the fact of being in the position of a social pedagogue in one of the city's kindergartens women diagnosed with tuberculosis, this institution is another episode of illness. Recorded that the teacher of the kindergarten, which was on the job for more than a year, was the fact of tuberculosis in an open form, informs UNIAN.

According to Deputy Interdistrict Prosecutor of the city of Berdyansk Maxim Kravchenko, a woman may 17, remains in the hospital.

In an urban kindergarten № 25 "Daisy" city of Berdyansk, in early may, at the teacher who worked with children, was discovered tuberculosis in an open form. After the incident, the SES was carried out a number of preventive measures in the institution, and made the taking of the samples from all the pupils and staff of the kindergarten, and the Prosecutor's office, in turn, started checking the legality of the issuance of the patient medical records, which give the right to work with children.

"As of 24 may, the well-known result of medical research 120 160 kindergarten. The fact of TB among children is not installed," said Kravchenko.

According to M. Kravchenko - "new facts discovery sick with tuberculosis employee kindergarten Berdyansk inter-district Prosecutor's office launched a new check for probable causality 1st case with the 2nd".

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