Wireless headphones increase the risk of cancer of the brain

Scientists say: wireless headphone with frequent use increase the risk of malignant tumors.

To such conclusion the group of researchers that conducted the complex of researches on experimental animals. The fact that the widely publicized and massively used gadgets still little studied in terms of their negative impact on the immune system and the entire human organism as a whole. The test results are unlikely to please: Bluetooth headset contributes to the appearance of the body and the rapid development of cancer cells. There are other negative consequences of Hobbies wireless headphones: the weakening and loss of hearing, dysfunction of attention, depression.

The experts came to the conclusion that these devices in fact are characteristic of harmful radiation. But, as the researchers say, their radiation still multiples less than the radiation emitted by the smartphones that most of us parted ways throughout the day. Thus, experts recommend not to completely abandon the use of Bluetooth headsets, but only to limit the time, make long enough breaks when using them.

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