Winter time. How to Wake up in a good mood?

While officials decide how to dispose of the winter time, ordinary citizens trying to solve the problem of healthy sleep and Wake-up light. This problem is not isolated. Up to 60% of the population, at least twice a week, feels in the morning bad mood. And in most cases this is due to the fact that we don't feel rested in the morning.

Science provides an answer to this question. The fact that the biorhythms of all living beings on the planet are configured on the sundial. Daytime Wake up with the first rays of the sun and fall asleep after sunset. The idea is the same sleep mode and bottomonia necessary for everyone. But the invention of electricity has changed in our lives, not for the better. Now we go after midnight and Wake up in complete darkness on the clock. And it is fundamentally wrong, protivorechit all the laws of nature.

Our falling asleep in charge of the hormone melatonin. And it is produced in the body only in the dark - in the dark. Light light bulbs knocks the body confused and melatonin is produced in the right quantity and at the right time. In the end difficult to sleep, as sleep brings no rest. Helps to restore disturbed rhythms of the day. If you go to bed at the same time, the body can be programmed to melatonin production at certain times and thus to reconstruct the process of falling asleep.

Wake up in the morning and feel refreshed and happy helps us hormone serotonin. He begins to produce, when all around us in the room bottled sunlight and begins to dawn. But most people are forced to Wake up in the dark due to the fact that it is time to work or to study. So in the morning and during the day we feel broken and are in a bad mood.

But there is a simple way to Wake up at sunrise. No, you do not need to quit your job and leave the village. Enough to buy the Clock "Dawn". Unlike their "vertebrate" brothers, this device at a certain time, shortly before the moment when you have to Wake up, starts to increase illumination in the room, simulating dawn. And by the time you Wake up in your room will come Sunny morning!

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And while officials decide in which direction the next time to turn the clocks will solve the problem locally - let you will always Sunny morning and joyful awakening!

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