Wine helps in destroying the bacteria in the oral cavity

Red wine and grape seeds can help prevent tooth decay and oral infections. Scientists have found that a natural substance that is included in the grapes, destroy bacteria and are an excellent tool for the prevention of oral diseases. Grapes, unlike drugs, has no side effects, writes HNGN.

All the matter in the high concentration of polyphenols. These substances inhibit the growth of bacteria. The data were confirmed in the study. Scientists in the laboratory grown bacteria of the oral cavity. Received a biological film for a few minutes immersed in the solutions (red wine, non-alcoholic wine, wine with seed extract, water, 12% alcohol).

The best results showed the wine with bones, conventional and non-alcoholic wine. Caries is the most common problem on earth. Up to 90% of the Earth's inhabitants suffer from caries, periodontitis and tooth loss. These diseases are largely caused by bacteria that breed in the mouth. Note, popular toothpaste with fluoride and antimicrobial rinse rarely produce the desired effect.

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