Wine from black grapes will help you lose weight, say scientists

A small amount of wine from red grapes will ease the process of weight loss. This is the conclusion of scientists in the experiment with laboratory mice.

Residents of developed countries are prone to obesity for several reasons. Play a role in the excess food and artificial demand for tasty and sometimes junk food. In the last decades of physical labor lost some relevance, many work in offices and solve the paper problem. The sport are able to do same.

However, scientists have found a simple way together with adequate diet to lose weight. You need to drink a little wine from black grapes.

The researchers divided mice into two groups. The first group received together with the main diet of fresh black grapes, the second wine from black grapes. At the end of the experiment it was established that the level of sugar in the second group were twice as closer to the ideal indicator. This increased level of glucose in the blood leads to the development of obesity and diabetes.

Note, the question of systematic feasts with wine. For the positive effect will require not only alcohol, but balanced diet. It is better to combine it with regular exercise and a consultation of the attending physician.

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