Wine and grapes help to cope with depression

People who regularly consume wine and grapes, are less exposed to depression. To such conclusion scientists from the Medical school of the University of South Carolina. They conducted an experiment with laboratory rats, by measuring their stress level and the connection level with a food diet, says Zee News.

Resveratrol contained in grapes, reduces inflammation and rejuvenates the body cells. This substance also prevented the development of depressive symptoms in rodents. Planned clinical trials on human volunteers. It is likely that the world will get a new remedy for depression natural origin. And while scientists suggest that you regularly eat grapes or drink a half of glass of wine a day.

Resveratrol red wine also protects against arteriosclerosis and other damage, it prevents the development of diabetes and obesity. This information has been confirmed in experiments, when mice were injected in the blood large doses of a substance.

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