Wind can be a carrier of influenza virus

Represents a deadly danger for the people of the avian influenza virus can be transmitted by wind, writes New Sciеntist. As you know, the flu virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, but some studies have shown that the wind can also be carriers of viral infection.

Experts from the Dutch National Institute of public health and environment conducted a study of the causes of outbreaks of avian influenza Н7N7 on farms chicken farms in the Netherlands, which happened in 2003 and has caused widespread pestilence among birds. In addition to birds, influenza virus Н7N7 contracted, 89 people, one of whom died.

Using computer simulation, it was found that strains of influenza H7N7 from one farm to another endured the wind.

Even more dangerous H5N1 influenza virus, most likely, also can move through the air. Perhaps this explains the fact that since its detection in 2003 he was able to kill 360 people and infect 610, not to mention the millions of birds that were destroyed them.

If this assumption is confirmed, then the planet is in serious danger, say epidemiologists. It is proved that the virus is carried by wind over long distances, but it is lighter than the influenza virus. In the case of influenza virus, most likely, it strains cling to the birds and together with them are carried through the air. The situation is more complicated when in the air fall feces of infected birds.

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