Willpower does not always work reliably

According to the publication The Daily Mail, when you decided to get rid of extra pounds one willpower is not enough. It is important to protect yourself from the temptation to buy various Goodies. The most reliable way to lose weight is not to eat foods that are harmful to the figure. For example, if a person has insufficient funds to purchase, there is a possibility to have a Bank account that will be established severe penalties, if you want to withdraw the money earlier. With sweets same story.

Scientists at Cambridge University, it was found that the ease with which people are offended. In experiment took part men, who were asked to look at pictures erotic, enjoyable in moderation or not to see this picture, but wait until you get another image that gives more pleasure.

As it turned out, in some cases, representatives of a strong half of mankind was restrained by force of will in order to get more pleasure from the second picture. But sometimes men just have their choice. In the second case, the person did not akusala and could wait until the show in the second picture. As it turned out willpower is not the main component of the control. If you are experiencing a stressful situation, you can rely on willpower is not necessary, it is unlikely to help.

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