Will there be in the future harmless cigarette?

Each year, the tobacco industry has invested millions in development, which could reduce the harm of cigarettes for health. Do not cause cancer cigarettes could be the salvation for the tobacco companies, recently subjected to increasing restrictions by the authorities, as well as to reduce the number of deaths caused by the consumption of cigarettes.

In developed countries, the standardised cigarette packaging and advertising in public places is forbidden, similar laws will soon come into force in Russia, which may result in huge losses for companies. Investment cigarettes with reduced levels of harmful toxins has become one of the priority tasks for them. Meanwhile, in the laboratories of British American Tobacco (BAT) scientists are developing a Smoking mixture, bring to a person minimal before.

It is known that a significant increase in the sale of tobacco was recorded after the invention of the filter for cigarettes, thanks to them, sales grew by $ 20 billion per year. After improvement of the filter in the 1970-ies holes in the paper had to mix the incoming light smoke with fresh air, but they were not effective, as the smoke obscured their fingers, holding the cigarette. Nevertheless, companies do not give up in finding ways to protect cigarette. Over the past 30 years, the risk decreased slightly, but Smoking is still threatened with death.

Now scientists are pinning their hopes on tobacco with reduced levels of toxins, which is mixed with chalk and algae, so they absorb harmful substances. In addition, scientists from the University of North Carolina has created a brand of tobacco with reduced content of nornicotine predecessor dangerous carcinogen in tobacco smoke. At the stage of processing tobacco leaf nornicotine turns into N-nitrosonornicotine. The researchers were able to turn off one and varieties of tobacco gene responsible for the conversion of nicotine to nornicotine, the concentration of enzyme in cigarettes from new tobacco decreased significantly, and the properties of the aroma and taste of the cigarettes remained unchanged.

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