Will soon be chewing gum, which will help to lose weight

In innovative research team from Syracuse University, headed by chemist Robert Doyle was the first time found that a hormone that helps people to feel "full" after a meal, can be delivered into the bloodstream oral way.

Hormone called PYY, is part of the chemical system, which regulates appetite and energy. When people eat, PYY enters the bloodstream. The amount of PYY, which is released increases with the number of calories that humans consume. Previous studies have shown that people who are obese have lower concentrations of PYY in the blood both when fasting and after eating than their non-obese opponents. "PYY is a hormone overwhelming appetite. But, when administered, the hormone is destroyed in the stomach and through the intestines into the blood absorbed only a small part," explains Doyle.

Until then, the group has developed options for oral administration of insulin, and has achieved significant results in the use of it together with vitamin B12, the same method the researchers used for hormone appetite.

Now they are thinking about creating a chewing gum or tablets for sucking able to provide help to individuals who wish to get rid of excess weight, like nicotine gum, are used to help people quit Smoking. "If we succeed, PYY-zawacki could in a natural way to help people lose weight . They would have to balance a diet, reducing your appetite, helping you to avoid overeating," added Doyle.

I am sure that this idea of chewing gum will appeal to gastroenterologists and their patients. In addition, this additional portion of the gastric juice without getting food, and even the suppression of hunger. This may significantly increase the risk of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease in thinner people through innovative chewing gum.

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