Will not go crazy organic coffee

About the benefits and harms of natural coffee has long been among specialists debate. In a series of investigations, it was proved that eating moderate amounts of coffee (I mean regular) has a very beneficial effect on the whole body. However, in the case of excessive use of invigorating drink can cause problems with General health.

The results of a recent study conducted by a group of specialists from the University of Florida and Miami have shown that drinking black coffee (meaning a natural product) is directly related to the prevention of dementia in old age or Alzheimer's disease.

To participate in the study were selected by 124 people in the age category of 60 to 85 years. All participants were diagnosed with the disorder of cognitive brain function in mild form. All study participants were under observation, which lasted about three years. Scientists have found that the lowest risk of developing dementia in old age is seen in people who regularly from three or more cups per day was used organic coffee. But, at the same time, there was an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in subjects who did not consume the drink vigor.

Thus, the authors of the study conclude - coffee (we are talking about a natural product, but, in any case, and instant coffee) has a beneficial effect on the cognitive abilities of the human brain. Recent studies confirm similar findings of earlier work, because the studies were conducted on laboratory animals.

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