Will justify the hopes of officials bill free of organ transplantation?

The health Ministry has prepared a draft law on free transplantation of human organs. This was reported in an interview with "WG", the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova.

She said that everything connected with human body parts, liquids, as well as human organs and their parts, should be provided free of charge. In the bill we are talking about donating blood, tissues and cells of the body. According to the head of the Ministry, sell such is immoral and immoral.

In addition, the draft law provides for the possibility of adults consent to the use of their organs after death. Baby same organs can be transplanted in the case of consent of at least one of the parents.

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It should be recalled that since the 21st of January of the current year on the territory of the Russian Federation started a new law On the donation". Its adoption is motivated by a desire to promote and support free and voluntary blood donation, as is the case in some fear of the world. The authors of the law believe that the problems with gratuitous blood donation should not be. According to officials of the office, many Russian donors give blood and help the people who need it exclusively free of charge.

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