Wide-eyed: the secrets of plastics Asian age

Today beautiful are large, wide expressive eyes of European type. However, some people have Mongoloid eyes, which is typical for the following nationalities: Koreans, Chinese, Kazakhs, Uighurs, Japanese, Tatars, Eskimos, and so on, All these Nations have in the century the characteristic - epicanthus (special education at the inner corner of the eye), covering the lachrymal tubercle.

The appearance of it is due to genetic predisposition and character development of the fatty layer under the skin in this area. With a significant overhang palpebral skin tear on the area where you want to start lacrimal ducts arise discomfort and dissatisfaction with their appearance, which may affect the social adaptation of the individual in society.

For the implementation of surgical simulation natural for Europeans folds in the region of the upper eyelid necessary eyelid. This correction of the shape of the eyes for the first time began to be used from the eighteenth century in the city-state of Singapore, which is located on the Islands of Southeast Asia, so this plastic in everyday life is called "Singapore".

The procedure for plastic Asian century, carried out as follows: Initially make local or General anesthesia. For about 1 hour a plastic surgeon performs a complex invasive measures. This formation section along the line going through the middle of the upper eyelid, where it will later subalgebra fold. Then removed the excess part of the overhanging skin and subcutaneous fat, that is, epicanthus. Eventually a folded structure, and the excess part of the skin is eliminated, so is the European type eye. If necessary, you can add an operation other methods, for example, is often a neck lift plastic cheekbones and other

Contraindications to the plastic age:

Rehabilitation lasts on average about two weeks. 1-2 hours after the procedure you can go home. There is also the risk of pain, swelling, hematomas and seromas. Suture removal is possible on day 5. Postoperative scars are practically invisible, as they are located in skin folds. To the normal routine you can start after 5-7 days.

Positive results will last for a long time, and repeated plastic, under favorable rehabilitation period and a healthy lifestyle, it will take 8-10 years.

Subject to the correction of the Asian century in good clinics have highly qualified specialists, your appearance dramatically transformed for the better, you will look rested, rejuvenated and have a beautiful, expressive eyes without discomfort and heaviness in the eyelids.

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