Wi-Fi network make a man infertile

The American center for reproductive medicine in the journal "Fertility and Sterillity" published the results of a study which proved the harmful effects of Wi-Fi networks on the reproductive function of men.

Researchers in the laboratory evaluated the reproductive function of men on sperm motility, viability and DNA fragmentation. The evaluation was performed on the 29th seed samples obtained from healthy male donors. The samples were divided into two portions. One portion was subjected to a laptop connected to a wireless network Wi-Fi for four hours, and the second portion is performed a control function.

In the sample, which was in the vicinity with a laptop, scientists have identified a significant reduction in sperm motility and increase the fragmentation of their DNA compared with the control group. The life span of spermatozoa did not differ in the two samples.

Konrado Avendano, specialist American society for reproductive medicine, said: "This is the first study that evaluates the impact of the laptop connected to a wireless network Wi-Fi, on the activity of human spermatozoa. Based on obtained results, we assume that working at a laptop on the lap near the testes may adversely affect male fertility".

Another important aspect that requires further study is the impact of Wi-Fi on the frequency of mutation of the DNA in the sperm. The importance of this is due to the same lifespan of sperm in the two groups, and increased DNA fragmentation in samples exposed to radiation.

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