Wi-Fi can be dangerous to humans

Scientists are once again talking about the impact of wireless technologies on the human body. A number of specialists says: up to five percent of the planet's inhabitants suffer from the syndrome of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Especially important to consider the syndrome within a large city. The air is permeated with waves of different frequencies. Man is surrounded by cell phones, microwaves and Wi-Fi.

Excess electromagnetic waves may cause the likeness of an allergic reaction in some people. In some cases it develops malaise, headache, disorders of the nervous system.

There is a perception that Wi-Fi can trigger the growth of cancer incidence, however, such information has not yet been confirmed by official sources.

In 2010, scientists have found that wireless networks affect memory loss, in 2011, a correlation was found between any wireless networks and the deterioration of the concentration.

It is worth noting that the existence of the phenomenon of electromagnetic hypersensitivity has recognized only a few of the scientific community. Other scholars refer to the problem of skepticism.

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