Why work during pregnancy is harmful

Scientists from the U.S. found that women working during pregnancy, especially in positions where you have a lot to stand at risk to give birth lagging behind in physical development of children.

According to a study in infants of mothers who were working on similar works during pregnancy, my head was smaller in comparison with other children. For the study physicians reviewed medical data 4 thousand pregnant women, as well as the detail were interviewed about their working conditions, fixing the growth of the fetus by ultrasound.

It turned out that spent a lot of time on her feet she gave birth to a child with a smaller head circumference. Dangerous scientists have found jobs are pregnant, spend on my feet 40 hours a week.

Thus, salespeople, teachers, conductors and other women from different fields should think about how to change the nature of the work before pregnancy.

About half of the women admitted. That during pregnancy they had to walk a lot, 6% admitted that they worked hard, and worked the night shift.

Of course, pregnancy is not a disease, but do not think that pregnancy does not have to change anything in the life of the woman, because from nine months in the womb depend practically all the makings of a child in his later life, the castle of his health and development.

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