Why we don't get enough sleep in the summer? – experts answer

Scientists have uncovered the root cause of lack of sleep in the summer. It turned out that most people experience discomfort during a heat wave. Therefore, fatigue in the hot season builds up quite strongly.

According to the data collected, the average person summer sleeping two hours less than in winter. Still sleeping prevent mosquitoes, gnats, flies and other insects.

There is another factor. Summer – time for vacations and parties with alcohol. Sleep drunk is pretty hard, you have to wait deep into the night to get to sleep.

In total the survey was attended by two thousand people. The researchers found that the average length of sleep in winter and 7.5 hours in the summer people sleep about 5-6 hours. The lack of a night's sleep, someone is trying to compensate for a dining Siesta, and some energy drinks and dietary supplements.

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