Why to treat pyelonephritis and nephroptosis?

In fact, not a single organ in our body does not deserve devil-may-care attitude. From this it follows that no matter how serious the disease is not thought to you personally, it does not mean that it really is, consequently, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. Another common misconception is that some diseases cannot be cured. Thus, some patients unnecessarily ignore the treatment of pyelonephritis, because somewhere I heard that, once infected, a person will never be able to restore full function of the kidneys. Meanwhile, pyelonephritis treatment is not only possible, but also extremely effective, especially in the initial stages.

If we return to the question of why this disease is to treat at all, it is necessary only to read the list of consequences and complications that it "pulls". In addition, incorrectly treated the inflammation of the kidneys, most likely, quickly remind yourself of painful sensations, and subsequent ignoring of all symptoms and renal failure. Few people know that this disease provokes the destruction of renal tissue, and therefore the gradual failure of the kidneys from the performance of its functions. Yes, treatment is difficult and not too fast, but in most cases still effective.

Among the causes of pyelonephritis, not the least is nephroptosis kidneys. Moreover, inflammation is not the worst thing that waits for patients, care related to the treatment of this disease. Nephroptosis kidney is nothing but the violation of its static position. I.e., the kidney begins to move not required her a few inches, but much greater distances. The most common consequences of this disease - sudden weight loss, weakening of muscle tone of the abdominal wall, a variety of infections, injuries to the lumbar region, hematoma.

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Agree, only it is enough to think about immediate visit to the doctor as soon as you are not lucky enough to find themselves in the symptoms of prolapse of the kidney. Remember, started in time and correctly adjusted treatment is a guarantee that you, first, will not require surgery, and secondly that you will be able to continue the lifestyle that led to the detection of the disease, under no limiting.

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