Why the need for humidifiers

Everyone knows that the humidity in the apartment differs significantly from the humidity in nature, the one that designed the human body. If the apartment is too dry air, it can affect the General condition of the body. The person begins to experience discomfort: it dries the skin, after sleeping unpleasant sensations in the mouth and sore throat.

Today there are several types of humidifiers.

1. Steam humidifier. It operates on the principle of "hot" evaporation. using two electrodes, water is heated to the maximum temperature and begins to turn into steam. The main advantages of such humidifiers are increasing humidity more than 60% compared with other models of humidifiers performance. The disadvantages of this humidifier is a large consumption of electricity.

2. Ultrasonic humidifier. Is the most popular and the most popular type of humidifier. Using high-frequency vibrations, the device turns the water in the "water cloud". The device sucks air dry, it goes through the "water cloud" and is returned to the room in the form of cold wet fog. This humidifier is most suited to installation in children's rooms - the child does not get burned by the hot steam. Some types of ultrasonic humidifiers can destroy the germs that are in the water, thereby providing antibacterial protection.

3. Traditional humidifier. This vozduhoohladiteli operate on the principle of "cold evaporation". For his work, water should be poured into the flank of the unit where it will go on evaporative elements. The fan built into the device from the premises sucks dry air and drives it through the evaporator.

If a man wants his humidifier also served and interior decoration, it can buy decorative humidifier. Typically belong to the traditional type and is made, for example, in the form of a beautiful lamp or bowl.

The humidifier is necessary in any city apartment, but especially useful it can be in a family where there are small children or adults, who often suffer from colds and bronchial diseases. Because children are sensitive to climatic conditions they need to create and maintain a favorable microclimate in the apartment. Due to the studies, it was found that low humidity can have an adverse effect on young children. The child often stuffy nose, difficulty breathing, the baby starts to Wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Also at low humidity, the child may develop a dysbacteriosis and a change in daily mode of the kidneys. To such problems, loving parents need to buy a humidifier.

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