Why the increase of allergic diseases

Allergy is one of the most interesting mysteries of modern biology and medicine. Set of allergens - substances that can cause allergic reactions, are extremely diverse. This dust of different origin, and plant pollen, and animal dander, and certain foods - chocolate, citrus fruits, strawberries, cocoa, mushrooms, honey, eggs of some species of fish, tomatoes, potatoes.

Allergens can be from Pooh pillows, cosmetic substances, tobacco, paints, varnishes, dry food for fish. Also some drugs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, insects and venom, different chemicals. Danger is also worm infestation (parasitic in the human body different worms). Often they cause urticaria (appearance on body itchy folderico). Many skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis, associated with the constant presence of mold on bread, on the walls of the house, in the barn, on the old leather products.

Allergic diseases every year becomes more and more around the world. Increased and their share among all diseases: today in many countries they constitute 10-20% of all disease. World statistics says that every third person has those or other manifestations of Allergy. In General, the tenth part of humanity suffers from allergies. How can it be explained?

First of all, in recent years the environment appeared more substances, which may be for human allergens. This, in particular, medicines, chemicals used in everyday life, the waste of different industries. A certain role and uncontrolled use of drugs, especially antibiotics. Provoke allergies solar radiation, overheating in the sun, for burns, frequent colds. The propensity for some allergic disease is inherited.

The human body has the ability to recognize penetrating him in a hostile, foreign substances and to give them resistance. This explains the mechanism of immunity: in response to penetration of a microbial organism produces protective antibodies. But persistently defending the constancy of its internal environment, the body sometimes as if mistaken, reacting to harmless in principle substances as dangerous. There is a complex immune response. Instead of protective develop aggressive antibodies that damage cells and tissues and vital organs. In the process of reaction formed and biologically active substances, which further disrupt the normal functioning of the body. There are slow and fast reactions, depending on the time of their appearance.

Allergic diseases are many. The most dangerous of them, anaphylactic shock and asthma. Anaphylactic shock came out from the lab, and today it is a complication of medical therapy often. Bronchial asthma is the most common disease. In recent times it is hard to turn and often leads to disability.

Hay fever - a disease that causes the pollen of flowering plants. They may show allergic rhinitis (runny nose), conjunctivitis (inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes), the appearance of acne on the body, fever, shortness of breath. There are also allergic dermatitis, urticaria, eczema and other less common diseases.

For qualitative evaluation and treatment of such patients in the clinics opened allergic rooms. After examination by a specialist appear allergens. Allergy treatment is conducted on the principle of "like cures like". For example, if a person is ill during the period of flowering Ragwort, then it for a long time treated pollen this weed and achieve a state of tolerance of the body to the allergen. After 3-7 of these courses, the person becomes healthy. Website zdravbaza.ru recommends that, if possible, to live without drugs and eat only natural food that helps to maintain health.

Success in combating allergic diseases contribute to morning exercises, gradual and systematic hardening of the body, daily walks before bedtime. Should care for the house cleaning, keep the extra room furniture, heavy curtains and carpets, paper archives. Books should be stored in special cabinets or glass shelves. Women who are prone to allergic diseases, it is not recommended to dye hair and eyelashes, use makeup. For washing, you should use baking soda, mustard, soap. Better to abandon fluffy featherbeds, pillows, blankets, aquariums, pet. Special attention should be paid to the treatment of chronic foci of infection. Self-treatment you must not do: it can lead to severe allergic conditions.

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