Why strong expressions help to cope with pain

If to give vent to language and freely swear, it can significantly reduce physical pain, as research has shown . But according to new research in this direction, this theory does not work, and if you take use of strong words in the habit.

In the previous study, psychologist Richard Stephens at Keele University in the UK and his colleagues found that people who were asked to dip his hands in the icy water, were able to endure the pain for 40 seconds longer if they were allowed hard to say, compared to people who asked not to utter obscenities.

In the new study, Stevens repeated the previous experiment on College students. One group was asked to repeat a swear word of their choice, for example, which they could use if head accidentally hit his head. The other group was offered a word from a predetermined table. Then both groups repeated the task using a word that they've never used before.

The researchers found that 73% of the participants kept their hands under the water longer, not using the usual swear words.

Interestingly, the more often participants used the swearing in the course of their daily lives, the less effective the curse were in the fight against pain.

The authors note that people who often Express their anger verbally, as a rule, are more sensitive to acute and chronic pain.

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