Why sore knees - possible causes

Often the discomfort in the knee joints feel even healthy people. To explain this pain is very simple, because the knees daily experience high loads under the weight of the body, and sometimes that overload.

The knee joint is the largest in the human body. In everyday situations and in sports they are easily injured. In addition to injuries, there are other causes of pain in the knee joint.

Pain in the knees can occur when the following injuries:

• closed or open fracture;

• dislocation of the knee or patella;

• ligament damage;

• damage to the meniscus;

• stretching, etc.

Learn more about injuries, wizaya pain in the knees can be found in the source.

Usually the pain occurs almost immediately after the person receives an injury. Pain is accompanied by the appearance of edema, hematoma. Such injuries are acute injuries. They arise suddenly, for example, in the fall, from the unnatural bending, strong kick.

Pain in the knee joints can also occur when exposure to excessive loads. Long movement or pressure may cause irritation of the tissues, forming and surrounding the knee joint. The emergence of such pain is usually caused by:

• long walk;

• practice on simulators;

• Cycling;

• jumps;

• run;

• the appearance of excess weight, etc.

Excessive load on the knee can cause various diseases: inflammation of the joint capsule (bursitis), lesions or inflammation of the tendons (TANDIS or tendonitis), the appearance of bulges or folds on the ligaments (syndrome fibrinosola film), pain in Nickolenko-femoral part, lesions of fibrous tissue (syndrome-bolsevicii links).

To cause severe pain in the knees can osteoarthritis. In this disease patterns of the joints are destroyed, the pain, which, depending on the time of day may change the character. Generally, the occurrence of this disease is observed on the background of old injuries.

Among other causes of pain in the knees can be called: the metabolic, endocrine diseases, obesity, chronic infection, hereditary diseases, osteomyelitis, arthritis infectious Genesis, gout, knee bursitis, lupus, necrosis tuberosity bolsevicii bones, reumatoide arthritis.

Whatever the cause of knee pain, be sure to seek the advice of a specialist, as a consequence, if not in time to prevent or not to undergo treatment, you may experience serious consequences of such a negligent attitude towards their own health, up to the full Immobilise.

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