Why should one spend the electroencephalogram

The EEG is one of the most accurate and affordable diagnostic methods, allowing to detect even minor changes in the activity of brain cells. Using the most modern equipment allows for minimal time to obtain accurate diagnostic information.

EEG is the curve resulting from the registration of the electric potential of the brain. Thus experts have the opportunity to study mosaic activity of the cerebral cortex. In a healthy person nervous processes are harmoniously, if in the brain arise organic pathology, the harmony is broken.

Electroencephalogram necessary to assess the functional maturity of the brain in children. The study is indicated in:

• sleep disorders;

• paroxysmal manifestations;

• fits: nonepileptic and epileptic;

• nosological forms, which are accompanied by brain damage;

• vascular diseases of the brain;

• tumors of the brain;

• the development of inflammatory diseases of the brain;

• traumatic brain injuries;

• poisoning neurotoxic poisons;

• neuroses, psychopathy, mental disorders;

• the need to control the actions of antiepileptic drugs;

• degenerative and dysfunctional disorders;

• you need to assess the depth of anesthesia;

• hepatic encephalopathy.

Conducting EEG allows you to monitor the status of the brain in a coma and confirm the diagnosis of brain death.

Data received by the specialist when the behavior of the EEG, to allow more accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment to avoid the development of many complications and pathologies, to give the most objective assessment of the state of the brain.

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