Why Russians worry – poll

Over the past few months, the Russians have less to worry about starting a new world war. This increased the fear of losing loved ones, fear of getting sick with something serious. Judging from the poll, today the citizens of the country feel the best way for the last 20 years. A high level of anxiety persists only for themselves, their relatives and children.

Then the fear of death, then the fear of poverty and war.

"Significantly decreased level of anxiety, characteristic of the summer last year, when our borders was an active phase of the military conflict and Russia Willy-nilly, was involved in it. Decreased and indicators of political fears: government tyranny and lawlessness. 2012 can be described as a year of mass protests, when growing political fears. This is well illustrated by the indicators of 2013. However, this trend was halted by the events of 2014, when there was a large overestimation of the problems facing the country. The problem of the political regime was perceived as not very significant," comments the results of the poll the Deputy Director "Levada-the centre" Alexey Grazhdankin.

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