Why people like to exercise with music is the answer scientists

Favorite tracks weaken muscle pain during workouts. To such conclusion scientists from McGill University. While listening to music in the brain produced by opioids. This group of substances reduces pain. Some opioids used for medical anesthesia, others recognized drugs, writes The Daily Mail.

Scientists have introduced volunteers drug that blocks opioid receptors. After that people get much less pleasure from sports to music. In addition, under the influence of a favorite musical motifs in the brain released dopamine, the happiness hormone.

Robin Dunbar, an employee of the University of Oxford, believes that playing musical instruments raises the pain threshold is stronger than listening to music. In another study, scientists noticed that the music training goes unnoticed, and the exercises required by almost two times less effort.

However, be advised to exercise to music not everyone can. Beginner runners need to follow your own breath, this also applies to many other sports.

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