Why people get fat in the winter? – experts answer

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts in the United States understand why most people gain weight during the winter.

Known fact: the most difficult to lose weight or to keep weight in the cold season. As it turned out, it is connected with the processes occurring in the brain. In the winter production of serotonin, the so-called "happiness hormone", is markedly reduced. As a result, increases the background the feeling of hunger, and the person begins to eat more carbohydrates, which this hunger suppressing.

Scientists noticed that women production of serotonin is reduced in the period before menstruation. In those days, women are attracted to sweets and high-calorie foods. It is known that such products the synthesis of serotonin increase.

Impact and new year holidays, confluent in a 10-day winter vacation. At this time most people from doing themselves in feasts. Experts recommend in the winter to get out more often for walks and to spend the weekend actively, to neutralize the negative effect of the cold season.

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