Why new Russians wore jackets crimson?

Scientists have identified the influence of the color red and its shades on the body. It turned out that red clothing men attracted and attracts women leading ladies intimate predisposition.

American researchers led by Professor of psychology Andrew Elliot of the University of Rochester spent over 2 thousand experiments, in which took part more than a hundred women. The ladies were shown pictures of men in colorful t-shirts. It was found, men dressed in the clothes of red tones seem to be women more attractive and sexy. While the subjects of the weaker sex could not explain what exactly attracts them this color.

Scientists cites the example of male monkeys, whose red color is an indicator of the dominance of the male. The alpha-males of the red color is most intense, and females are more willing to join with them in an intimate relationship. According to American studies, women are subject to the same sentiment.

Interestingly, the nurses were not distinguished men on a red background photos. That is for the ladies attractive was the color of the representative of the stronger sex. Perhaps a study of American professors will give the key to understanding the immense popularity of raspberry jackets new Russians. Apparently, this color is impacted women, emphasizing the dominance of male-male. By the way, still remains a mystery who was introduced in our country the fashion crimson jackets, and where did they go now.

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